New Series: Amore

Alexandra Piras is a French artist with Italian origins, whose art and abstract paintings has its roots in that artistic current called abstract expressionism. With roots in immigration, she is 3rd generation of Italian immigrants, Alexandra lived in between two completely different cultures. As a youngster she studied psychology at the University of Lille. Paradoxically, this allowed her to express through art a more in-depth research into the human behavior. Since childhood, Alexandra has always liked to be creative in many different ways.

Her art is characterized by a deep research into the strongest emotions. Observing the outside world is very important to her. From these observations emerge creative, vivid and instinctive ideas. It expresses a representation of space by sensations, emotions, vibrations. In each abstract painting, she looks for something lively instinctive, natural, current and chaotic. Her work brings a structure into this disorder, like a natural assembly of the elements.

“Life is a passage,
works of art are its imprints”.

Alexandra Piras @ Fondazione Matalon | Milano

Alexandra Piras | Human Placenta

Alexandra Piras is a talented artist who has made a name for herself in the world of Abstract Expressionism. Her work is characterized by a deep exploration of emotions and a keen observation of the outside world. With each of her paintings, Alexandra strives to capture the essence of a feeling or emotion, and translate it into an abstract representation of space through sensations, emotions, and vibrations.

Alexandra’s approach to art is rooted in her belief that the strongest emotions can be evoked through abstract forms. She draws inspiration from nature, music, and personal experiences to create paintings that are both creative and instinctive. Her work is a reflection of her innermost feelings, and she seeks to capture the chaos and disorder of the world around us, and give it a structure that is both natural and beautiful.

Alexandra’s paintings are a visual representation of her philosophy. Each piece is a celebration of life, expressed through the vivid and chaotic brushstrokes that make up the composition. Her use of color and texture is bold and daring, and her ability to capture the essence of an emotion is truly remarkable.

In conclusion, Alexandra Piras is an artist who has made a significant contribution to the world of Abstract Expressionism. Her work is a testament to the power of emotions and the beauty of chaos. Through her paintings, she has created a unique and powerful representation of the world around us, and her art will continue to inspire and captivate audiences for years to come.

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